Thursday, February 24, 2011

Worth a Second Read

NOTE: We will be adding to this list as time goes on. Each ‘feature article’ at the top of our page will be added to this link. Learning, living, and linking is an ongoing process.  Articles will be added chronologically.

Question: "What's a baby fairy doing on this page?" 
Answer: "We don't know."

"One thing has come into startling clarity: WoN women are quick to admit their faults and weaknesses.  What they are not quick to admit is their strengths. They frequently assign strengths to the narcissist, not themselves..."

"Please sear this image in your mind: "You are a WoNderful Woman of Worth". Say it out loud. Stand in front of your bathroom mirror and don't wince your eyes or snarl at yourself. Don't snicker in embarrassment or even out of shame for loving yourself exactly as you are."

"Pick your battles" is the warning. We've heard it innumerable times. Talia, a longtime member and WoN adviser offers guidelines for 'fighting fair'. 


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