Saturday, July 20, 2013

Bringing Home the Bacon: financial ideas by ComoKate & her WoN Friends

"Since most of us have economic concerns, starting an idea thread with links to potential money raising entities might help and inspire us. As with anything, take what you need and ignore the rest. Always be safe in contacting others and good luck! Please feel free to jump in and share your ideas and resources. We have a lot of energy and talent! We survived the narcissistic relationship, after all!

When I was in college and supporting my daughter by myself, I worked weekends as a receptionist answering phones, making appointments, filing insurance was *very easy work to do* and be trained in for that did not get in the way of my studying. They even let me bring my daughter who would watch television in the women's break room and color so I didn't have to pay a sitter. ( some of the kindest people I ever met were there. The clinic was bought out by a big HMO and everyone was scattered). Those were poor days but we made do. We went to the "dollar" theater to watch old movies, had popcorn nights, I would give her a few dollars and she would take FOREVER to compare everything at the Dollar Store. I sold plasma once a week for a tidy sum of money. I think the rates for plasma are much higher these days and am considering doing it again if need be." ~ComoKate

Job Search Engine Sites

Indeed includes millions of job listings from thousands of web sites, including company career pages, job boards, newspaper classifieds, associations, and blogs. Job seekers may also search job trends and salaries, read and participate in discussion forums, research companies and even find people working for companies of interest through their online social networks.

LinkUp is a job search engine that searches jobs on company sites. The job postings are from small, mid-sized, and large company career sections, and are updated whenever the company web site is updated.

Simply Hired searches thousands of job boards, classifieds, and company sites. Advanced search options include type of job, type of company, keyword, location and the date the job was posted.

The Beehive This Career Builder tool will help you create a plan to get the Career you really want. There are lots of steps, but we’ll make it easy for you. There are four main sections, all of which will help you create a personalized Career Plan.

Women Employed Mobilizing people and organizations to expand educational and employment opportunities for America's working women.

Education and Career Planning

Click To Empowerment: Choosing and Planning for the Career You Want (a free 22-page printable pdf document)

Ed2Go "I have taken several classes from this site. They "partner" with local community colleges around the US. You get a paper certificate from your local school but take course work online. These courses helped me with my night classes and I've been very impressed with their services." ~ComoKate

The MOOC list (Massive Open Online Courses). Free classes from the best Universities in the world.

Selling, Trading, Bargaining

How To Sell on Ebay Video List

Unleash Your Digital Talents: How to Sell on Ebay

Listia is a site where you can list things you want to get rid of and earn "credits" you can then spend on other people's stuff on the site. You can ask others to pay the shipping, but you will get fewer credits that way. People tend to bid more credits (like on ebay) on items offering free shipping.

Freecycle is a place to list things you want to give away and things you need or want.

Have a talent you can market? Turn Your Passion Into A Business on ETSY

"Craigslist has a barter section," Lottie says, "but people also list things in the normal categories and say sometimes they will trade. "If you have trade-able things, but no money, you can try bartering sites." 

Talia brings the 52-Week Save Money Challenge to our attention. "All you need to do is save the dollar amount of whatever week you are in during the year. Week one you add $1, week two, $2 and week fifty-two, $52. Add that all up and you have a cool $1378 dollars saved at the end of the year." This is a printable pdf worksheet.

Hopeful1 offers a suggestion: "I first heard Kim Komando on the radio giving little snippets of computer advice.  She also gives advice in other areas, she's very informative.  She gives references to legit work at home businesses." 

Check out this article on The Kim Komando Show: Earn Money at Home via the Internet. Take Surveys. Try blogging, but don't buy a new car before your pay check arrives! 

Honeybear suggests: "In many cities, there are now websites where you can sign up to babysit or even work as a nanny.  My daughter had a great second income from babysitting for families. Years ago when I went back to teaching voice, I had to string together jobs at four different places but I made a decent living.  If you have a bit of musical experience and know music and like kids, teaching beginning piano is also an option.  Many music stores look for responsible people to teach, or if you have a piano or keyboard in your home, you can also make some money that way. 

Private music schools in the area are also a source, but you have to seek them out and get a decent resume together. House sitting can also be a good thing.  Get info out there that you will watch houses and pets while people are traveling, and that could bring in some extra income.  Also, if you lived in my daughter's neighborhood, I wouldn't have to keep her dog." 

LiftedUp knows how to pinch a penny or two. She writes, "Financial survival. I nearly have been homeless many times and live on edge now so hope I can help!" 

Rent-a-Sofa Do you have a guestroom that's empty most of the time? 

OutReach These people saved my life...if you need prescription medication 

WAHM Finding jobs on WAHM and transcription etc, saved us from homelessness. 

Intentional Communities If you are looking for an intentional community, ecovillage, cohousing, commune, co-op, or other cooperative living arrangement, browse through our community lists.  

Food Pantries If you have a 211 line in your area call that to get referrals to food pantries. Also one can cold blind call churches, and many will have food pantries. We have done it that way too. If you live in a rural town find out where the local flea market is, a lot of poor people will sell cheap goods at these including canned goods and you can bring stuff and sell for a small fee. I have done that before. Here there is no sales like that but where I used to live had them. 

The Salvation Army will give out food 

DollarDays Everything food pantry 

Caretaker "I saved a couple friends from homelessness by giving them this link which gave them the idea to get a caretaker position.  If you are healthy and can handle it, there are jobs for disabled and elderly for live-ins. One job you can always get, its hard and yes, I did it, is a home health aide worker or nursing home aide. They won't turn you away usually and it may keep you off the streets." ~LiftedUp 

Lottie's List:

Amazon seller's account
Used book stores pay for books or trade
Ask friends or family if they want to buy anything you have
If you are a good cook or baker, there are people who would trade or pay for good home cooking. Place an advert," says Lottie.
Yard or garage sales (place ads)
Consignment shops in your area
Dog/cat sitting
Dog walking
Gardening help
Teaching a community class
Teaching a class for local kids/homeschoolers
Senior companion
Running errands
Party entertainment (balloon animals, face painting, clown?)
Music lessons
Cooking lessons
Other lessons you could teach?
Temporary employment agencies
Substitute teaching
Swap meets
Farmers market

Lottie says, "If you are a good cook or baker, there are people who would trade or pay for good home cooking. Place an advert."

A few last words from our wise ComoKate: 
"Being financially independent is extremely helpful in being able to make good decision that you *want* to make, not *have* to make. When you look at the suppression of women throughout history, much of it could not have happened without making women financially dependent upon men, ignoring the discrepancy in wages, lack of education, valuing time spent raising children, etc.   
Keep employed and keep busy with your own life. He broke your heart and trust. Don't let the coward break your life or spirit !"