Friday, February 10, 2012

"Lessons in love: how volunteering saved my life" with Louise Gallagher

"Louise Gallagher has a remarkable personal story that has turned tragic circumstances into a life filled with passion and joy. Her book 'The Dandelion Spirit' was turned into a documentary for the Oprah Network and has touched people's lives across North America. Louise's work at the Calgary Drop-In Centre includes inspiring efforts like the development of the Possibilities Project that uses art in its many forms to keep people of the streets. She has the soul of a warrior poet and her story is transformative." ~YouTube link

Excerpts from her talk:
"It is in the human connection that we see each others as human beings on this journey of our life. Volunteering is an act of love. It is always first and foremost, an act of love."

"When you believe you have nothing left to give, that's the TIME to give! It is time to share LOVE...In the virtual room of the Internet Forum, I began to give back more and more."

"In our giving, we receive so much more than we give."

"In light of our individualistic societies, golden fairies counter the disconnecting impact of a self-admiring, self-promotional, fragmenting narcissism. Our Golden Fairy Award respects their compassion giving honor to their courage to care. As fundamental as connections were in our evolutionary past, they may be even more crucial for survival today." ~About WoN's Golden Fairy Award