Sunday, November 13, 2011

Jean Twenge: Look at Me! Self-esteem or Narcissism

The narcissist thinks: “I am special. I am extraordinary. I am smarter, better-looking and more talented than other people.” 

The fact is: narcissists are not smarter or any more successful than anyone else. They just "think" they are. The frustrating thing is that it can take a long time for objective reality to change their ‘subjective’ view even when there’s inarguable evidence to the contrary.

Dr. Jean Twenge talks about narcissism as a personality trait, our obsession with celebrities, our narcissistic fame-seeking culture, parenting, reality TV…lots of interesting comments about narcissism in our general (non-clinical) population.

She reminds us that narcissists are horrible partners, horrid. We might be attracted to them but their inability to compromise will complicate any relationship...of that, there is no doubt! 

Building community will reign back our self-centeredness because we place checks on one another. The more connections we have with others in community and on a personal level, the more our own self-centeredness is held in check. 


Dr. Jean Twenge is the co-author of The Narcissism Epidemic. You can read more about her credentials HERE