Friday, January 14, 2011

Golden Fairy Award

What's a Golden Fairy Award?

Most fairies don’t demand accolades. They inspire hope, lift spirits, and tend to the wishes of those in need and they do this without expecting celebrity. Oh, there are stage-hungry fairies looking for a Nobel peace prize or a feature role in a on reality TV show. We’re biased towards anonymous-type fairies, the kind you’re unlikely to meet in spotlights, recognized only by the safe web of friendships they weave. 

In light of our individualistic societies, golden fairies counter the disconnecting impact of a self-admiring, self-promotional, fragmenting narcissism. Our Golden Fairy Award respects their compassion giving honor to their courage to care. As fundamental as connections were in our evolutionary past, they may be even more crucial for survival today.
Louise Gallagher
“Know that you are precious, beautiful and unique. You cast a brilliant light on my path that illuminates the world. As you move through your day remember, You are Awesome! Step into the wonder of being you and spread your joy and your wings and soar!" 

Ellie's Page includes a link to CZ's  interview with Ellie, in March of 2011. You will also find links to Ellie's book, her recovery blog, and feature articles.

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